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Özden Bilen is familiar with the spheres of water policymaking and academia. He was assigned to the Director General of Sate Hydraulic Works (DSİ) in 1993 after holding several offices in the same organization and retired in 1995.

This website includes selected bibliographic list of books, articles, reports related to hydropolitics, water resources development & management which are a part of his private library. Water Resources Archive was classified according to the different subject areas. The purpose of the website is to provide a quick reference to particularly on the subject of “trans-boundary waters” for young scholars and those concerned. Most of his personal publications and presentations could be reached online.

An autobiographical essay covering his childhood, university and career years was posted on the website as e-book format.

All the content of Özden Bilen's books and articles could be used, provided you indicate the source.
Orsam Water Resources Programme

Selected Bibliographic List on Water Policy and Legislation / Extracted from Özden Bilen's Private Library (Özden Bilen'in Özel Kütüphanesinden Alıntılanmış)
1. Moslem Water Law and Its Influence on Spanish Water Law and the Irrigation System of Valencia (1974)
2. Water Management in Islam (Water Management and Policy Series), 2001
3. Implementing Water Resources Policies: Social considerations
4. Türkiye Mühendis ve Mimar Odaları Birliği (TMMOB) I. Su Politikaları Kongresi Bildiriler Kitabı 1. ve 2. Ciltler (2006)
5. TMMOB II. Su Politikaları Kongresi Çağrılı Konuşmalar ve Panel Sunumları Kitabı (2008)
6. The Role of formal and informal institutions in the water sector: What are the challenges for develpoment? (2002)
7. Participation discourse as the bridge between individual freedom and group rights: Comparative experiences from development projects in India and North Africa (2006)
8. Against Consensus? Anthropological Critique and the Deconstruction of International Water Policy (2004)
9. World Water: Finance for the Future (1997)
10. Water Policy and Legislation Review and Reform / Selected Country Experiences: Australia (State of Victoria), Chile, England &Wales, France (1993)
11. Methodology for Water Policy Review and Reform (1995)
12. Water Policy and Legislation (1995)
13. Setting-up a National Water Policy through Integrated Water Resources Management Strategy: Turkish Case (1995)
14. Water Policy Reform in Turkey (1996)
15. Preparing national regulations for water resources manegement: Principles and practice (1994)
16. Reforming Water Resources Policy / A Guide to Methods, Processes and Practices (1994)
17. A Guide to the Formulation of Water Resources Strategy (1994)
18. A Strategy for Water Sector Capacity Building (1991)
19. Education, Training and Development of Human Resources in the Field of Water Resources (1986)
20. Water Policies and Agriculture (1993)
21. Water Resources Institutions: Some Principles and Practices (1992)
22. Irrigated Agriculture in South Asia beyond 2000 / Legal Aspects and Issues (1992)
23. Legislative and Economic Approaches to Water Demand Management (1991)
24. Pricing of Water Services (1987)
25. For money or for life: World activists work for water security and human rights
26. Efficiency and Distributional Equity in the Use and Treatment of Water: Guidelines for Pricing and Regulations (1980)
27. Privatisation and the Water Environment (1991)
28. The Perfect Water Company (1995)
29. Agricultural Water Pricing in Turkey (2000)
30. Issues in Irrigation Pricing in Developing Countries (1992)
31. Water Tariff as a Policy Instrument for Demand Management : Theoretical Aspects (2000)
32. The World Bank International Workshop on Comprehensive Water Resources Management Policy (1991)
33. Water Resources Management Policies in Pakistan (1991)
34. Proceedings of the Symposium on Social and Non-Economic Factors in Water Resources Development
35. Decentralization of River Basin Management: A Global Analysis
36. Meeting of Governmental Experts on Water Resources Policies in ECE Countries: Examination of Major Problems and Solutions Found and Being Sought in Regard to the Formulation and Aplication of Water Resource Policies in ECE Countries (1967)
37. Reclamation's Strategic Plan: A long-term framework for Water Resources Management, Development and Protection (1992)
38. Strategic Importance of Water (1997)
39. Uzun Vadeli DSİ Stratejisi ve 2010 Eylem Planı (2000)
40. Report on Technical Assistance to Malaysia in Irrigation and Drainage Policy / Project No: TCP / MAL / 4452 (1995)
41. Report on Technical Assistance to Malaysia in Irrigation and Drainage Legislation / Project No: TCP / MAL / 4452 (1995)
42. Proposed Draft Irrigation and Drainage Act (1995)
43. National Seminar on Irrigation and Drainage Policy and Legislation (1995)
44. Agricultural and Environmental Legislation - Lithuania (1994)
45. Law Concerning the Organization and Duties of the General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works / TURKEY- Translated into English (Original Title in Turkish: Devlet Su İşleri Genel Müdürlüğü Teşkilat ve Vazifeleri Hakkında Kanun)
46. Devlet Su İşleri Genel Müdürlüğü Kuruluş ve Görevleri Hakkında Kanun Layihası Mucip Sebepler, Bayındırlık, Maliye ve Bütçe Komisyonları Raporları ile TBMM'de Görüşme Tutanakları
47. Groundwater Act No: 167 / TURKEY - Translated into English (Original Title in Turkish: 167 Sayılı Yer altı Suları Kanunu)
48. Su Kaynaklarının Kullanılması Hakkında Kanun Tasarısı ve Gerekçesi (1981)
49. Reclamation Policy in Water Development Areas
50. Water Policy: Official Journal of the World Water Council
51. Strategies for Intersectoral Water Management in Developing Countries-Challenges and Consequences for Agriculture