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İlk Yazımız "ATATÜRK’ÜN KURAN-I KERİM ve PİYANO HEDİYE ETTİĞİ İLKOKUL" başlığını taşımaktadır.
Özden Bilen is familiar with the spheres of water policymaking and academia. He was assigned to the Director General of Sate Hydraulic Works (DSİ) in 1993 after holding several offices in the same organization and retired in 1995.

This website includes selected bibliographic list of books, articles, reports related to hydropolitics, water resources development & management which are a part of his private library. Water Resources Archive was classified according to the different subject areas. The purpose of the website is to provide a quick reference to particularly on the subject of “trans-boundary waters” for young scholars and those concerned. Most of his personal publications and presentations could be reached online.

An autobiographical essay covering his childhood, university and career years was posted on the website as e-book format.

All the content of Özden Bilen's books and articles could be used, provided you indicate the source.
Orsam Water Resources Programme
İletişim E-posta Adresi : ozdenbilenweb@gmail.com